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Remote Viewing Group Activity
For those that missed it, we have a group activity to remote view two targets that Laron has organized.

Everyone has until the end of Sunday (USA Mountain time) to view one or both of the targets specified.

You can find the thread right here. Happy viewing!

The Crystalline Energy & The Golden Crystalline Light of Grace

Discussion in 'Energy & Sound Healing' started by Henda, May 1, 2017.

  1. Henda

    Henda Multidimensional Healer & writer Staff Member Board Moderator

    I was looking for articles on the web about the crystalline energy that has come recently to Earth and that I received with the name The Golden Crystalline Light of Grace. I will talk about this in a long article as I received today the level IV of it.
    Level means, for the crystalline energy, a level of crystallization. The more we receive updates the more we upgrade in terms of level and the crystallization is the effect of the work that is being done by particles of crystals of Light sent from on high to help the Earth shift.
    so here is the article for those who would like to know a bit about this energy. It is a soft energy when we receive it but it is burning and intense at a second stage. It connects to you through the heart and it is so strong that you will barely breathe. It transforms your bodies physical an energetic and opens you to Love and Compassion. You may cry when you receive it, you may feel that love deeply coming in you urging you to connect to Earth.



    Love & light

    My candles during a healing session I was conducting with the GCLG
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