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Remote Group Healing — Sacral Chakra | Weekend of the 8th of April, 2017 (transients.info)

Discussion in 'The Events Board' started by Laron, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. KarlaSM

    KarlaSM Guest

    Yes, I had a similar experience, no visuals but the energy was tremendous.
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  2. Don Hicks

    Don Hicks Resolute Spirit

    With the current Mercury retrograde, I'll be sending more healing today...

    Then following it up with a new technique below. :-D:ROFL::-D

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  3. Lila

    Lila Boundless Creation Staff Member Moderator

    I think I'd call that something like embodiment of high vibrational spiritual practice:-D
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  4. Don Hicks

    Don Hicks Resolute Spirit

    Try it! Eat 5 pieces of chocolate, then spend 1/2 hour in the gym. It works miracles!!!! :-D:ROFL::))
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