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Books on Shamanism

Discussion in 'Energy & Sound Healing' started by Stargazer, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. Stargazer

    Stargazer Boundless Creation Staff Member Moderator

    Here are a few. The last three may not be specifically considered books on Shamanism, but they're from a similar perspective--and seemed close enough in principle for me to include them. I can't remember a great deal about the books as it's been some time since I've read them, but if you're particularly interested in any, just let me know and I can skim through them and give you my impressions. I'd also recommend checking the titles out on Amazon--they have some lengthy and very good reviews. Those were what helped me purchase and read these.

    Robert K. Dubiel

    The Practical Shaman

    Carlos Castaneda

    The Active Side Of Infinity

    Lujan Matus

    Shadows In The Twilight

    John Jay Harper

    Tranceformers: Shamans Of The 21st Century

    Don Miguel Ruiz

    The Four Agreements

    Jose Luis Stevens

    Awaken The Inner Shaman

    Keisha Crowther

    Message For The Tribe Of Many Colors

    John G. Neihardt

    Black Elk Speaks

    Gregg Braden

    Secrets Of The Lost Mode Of Prayer
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  2. Stargazer

    Stargazer Boundless Creation Staff Member Moderator

    Oh, here's one more in the "similar" category:

    Ken Carey

    Return Of The Bird Tribes (EXCELLENT book)
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  3. Ben

    Ben Brother of Awen Retired Global Moderator

    Following an extensive list from @Stargazer in another thread, I have moved them into a place of their own that they deserve! Please feel free to add, the more the better!
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  4. Sirk

    Sirk Shimmering Soul

    Animals Speak by Ted Andrews
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  5. John Helios

    John Helios Steadfast Being

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  6. Lilia

    Lilia Steadfast Being Retired Moderator

    Michael Harner - The Way of the Shaman
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  7. Kristy

    Kristy Star child Retired Moderator

    I just finished a book about shamanic journeying. I will make a post tomorrow about it as it was really good and helpful.
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  8. Benny

    Benny Shimmering Soul

    four winds-Alberto Villoldo
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  9. Stargazer

    Stargazer Boundless Creation Staff Member Moderator

    I was just checking out my old "favorites" list on my browser and rediscovered this website, dedicated to Shamanism:


    They have a free PDF book available (along with their quarterly magazine). I downloaded it (128 pages) but haven't taken a close look at any of it yet. Just figured I'd pass the info on!

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